About us

Yumeyura is a head massage salon that focuses on sleep.
We get a lot of infomation every day without realizing.
Our brains must organize the infomation that comes in.
The infomation that come in is organized while we are sleeping.
The infomation is sorted into necessary things and unnecessary things.
In additon, the brain has to get rid of amyloid beta which is the cause of Alzheimer disease.
Therefore,we need deep sleep.

Do you have such problems?

I use my PC a lot. My eyes are tired, and my shoulders are stiff.

My work is very tough, so my mind feels tired.

It takes time for me to fall asleep.

I wake up many times during the night.

It is tough for me to get up in the morning.

I am tired even after I have slept a lot.

We relieve your tension by massaging your head. There are many acupressure points of autonomic nerve in our heads. We massage gently from your head to neck, and shoulders. Our massages improve the blood flow to the brain and balance the autonomic nerves. They will lead you to good sleep.

Our salon is 30 seconds from Nerima station.

There are two ticket gates at Nerima station.
There is a SEIYU in front of the west ticket gate.
Go out of the central ticket gate and go down the stairs in front of you.
You will see a Seven Eleven on your left.
There is a Liquor shop next to the Seven Eleven.
Our building is on the left of the liquor shop across the street our salon is on the 4th floor.